Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shout out to the GA's from Texas

Brent got a big surprise in the mail at work today. He received an envelope full of handmade birthday cards made by the GA's at GA camp in Texas! There were 41 cards to be exact. Each of the cards were so so sweet. Many of them saying that the girls were praying for him, loved him, asking Brent's age, and telling him that each time you see a flower be reminded that someone is praying for you. I took a picture of all of the cards and the note that we found inside! In fact this is not the first time that we have gotten a few cards, usually one at a time, and never 41 homemade cards! So getting the cards was not unusally. Brent and I were commissed a year ago with the North American Mission Board as "Chaplain Missionaries," which put us on a prayer list of missionaries and birthday list given out to all Baptist Churches. We love that! It's neat to get birthday cards and little notes during the year of others praying for you. The really funny thing to us is that Brent's birthday is January 21st!! Not sure how or even why we got this many cards today! (maybe they confused Jan. and June????) Funny mail for the Spears!

Check out all of the cards on the island!!! 41 sweet birthday greetings!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nice Monday

It's Monday morning, after a long weekend of laying around a lot! I had a tough weekend just not feeling great and needing lots of extra sleep. It was great having time to just sit with Brent and spend time with him doing nothing. This doing nothing is taking time for us to get used too, but has been refreshing as well. (I say doing nothing, but as I look back this was really the first weekend we had a free weekend. Even with that, we both had plans on Saturday that were cancelled.) Today Brent is working from home in the am and we came outside to eat breakfast and work on our computers! We love our backyard. It's small as you can see in the picture, but the trees and birds and the quiet is so peaceful. Our puppy is laying on her own towel in the grass sunbathing! It is so much fun to watch her just sniff the air and relax. It's a fun, summer, family day for sure.

This is our backyard in the fall! Still just as awesome all year long.

This week is another eventful week. I get to go to a ladies jewelery party tomorrow night while Brent babysits one of the ladies sons! (our friend lost her husband to cancer in 2005 and now has a little 5 year old son who is so hyper and so so sweet. We try to help her out when we can! Good practice, but mostly just good times hanging out with them). Then this weekend, we get to house sit/babysit some good friends kids for the weekend. We can't wait! (I laugh at the babysitting because the kids are 6th grade through 10th grade) They have a pool in their neighborhood, something we don't have! So I am sure we will spend a lot of time swimming!! YEAH!!

Well here is this week's survey! Hope they are not getting boring yet! It's been fun to keep up this way and let everyone know the new stuff each week!

1. How far along? 15 weeks 5 days

2. Maternity clothes - Hoping my stuff comes today! For now I am living in my stretchy shorts and big shirts! (I got a great deal on ebay two weeks ago from a lady in Washington State! A ton of clothes for about 20.00!!)

3. Stretch marks - Still nothing new! Still using the miracle lotion! Does that stuff really work, or am I just believing it does and and therefore don't notice the little marks on my body!

4. Sleep - What is this??

5. Best moment this week - still loving the baby picture

6. Worst moment - Gagging all day long! I am convinced this is now my new normal! It is so lady like! Also, Saturday, Sunday and a little today we had a little bit of set back with morning sickness stuff. I think heat and sleep and stress had a little to do with this!

7. Movement - It's possible! I don't want to say yes for sure, because I am so unsure!

8. Food Cravings - Oranges! I can't get enough of them. I will say Brent's craving this weekend was cupcakes. Brent is not a sweet person, and I will not embarass him telling the world how many of the cupcakes he enjoyed over the weekend!!

9. Gender - Still not going to find out! Brent still says a baby boy! I have to remind him to call the baby: boy or girl. We do have names now. If it's a boy he is officially Christopher (which means Christ -Bearer, which is also Brent's first name) Carter Spears. We will call him Carter. If it's a girl, she will be Parker Grace Spears! I love both names so much! At this point I don't care what we have. Which is a change. I wanted a boy for so long because we couldn't settle on a name for a girl. Now it doesn't matter to me!

10. Wedding rings on or off - Still on during the day and off at night.

11. Weekly wisdom - Don't compare my experience with anyone else. Every women is different.

12. Milestones? - We have our summer/fall planning schedule all laid out. We have picked out the baby's room paint color and have the date for some guys to come over and paint the room. They will also move furniture around and set the room up the way we need it! After the month of July we will at least have a nursery ready!

Monday, June 16, 2008

First Pictures

We had our first official appointment today. We, I guess since it is us, can't do anything that does not involve some kind of change or drama! We had our sonogram and we noticed while we were there that they had us down for the wrong midwife! So the tech was awesome and asked if we could do the rest of the appointment another day since I was already a little anxious. The lady I had scheduled the appointment with was who I had researched and was recommended to see by others I had talked to. The tech felt like either Jonne (which is who had asked for) or Kim would be the best. After a few minutes of my anxious questioning the tech said let me see if Kim is available. Kim wasn't but she will be on Wednesday. What a stress free blessing that was! (I am telling you friends out there I hate doctors visits and make things so much worse than they are before hand! It was great to have a time that was not stressful and almost get a treat and mini tour today.) So we did get two pictures of the baby. We were amazed at how much this baby moves. It was jumping on the sonogram and kicking and moving it's little hands like crazy! At one point, the tech, was pointing out to Brent the babie's nose and at the exact moment, the baby covered it's nose! It was so funny. We were able to see the heartbeat, the spine, the two feet, the two legs, the arms, the fingers and the mouth. It was amazing! What blessing from the Lord! This makes it all the more real for sure. I had wanted to wait until today to do the survey for the week, so I would make sure there was no more additional news on this little one! (like that it was two or three little ones!) We are happy to report, just one baby this time around! PRAISE GOD FOR SMALL BLESSINGS!!

1. How far along? 14 weeks 5 days

2. Total weight gain - I am thinking that I am going to leave this part off because it's too depressing to talk about!!!

3. Maternity clothes - I wore a maternity shirt today and last night. I don't have to wear them all the time, but they sure do fit better than my clothes.

4. Stretch marks - Nothing new! Still the same little one I had last week. I have been putting on major loation though.

5. Sleep - Still not doing well with this yet. I am doing a little better with my pillow, but still waking up a lot at night.

6. Best moment this week - seeing a picture of the baby

7. Worst moment - Gagging all day long! Will this every end?

8. Movement - None yet ( it is funny that I thought I was starting to feel the baby in my stomach, and the tech was checking the baby a lot lower today.) So although there is no constant movement, I had felt something in the area were the legs are for sure!

9. Food Cravings - Still orange fanta and lots of fresh fruit

10. Gender - Still not going to find out! The tech let Brent call the baby a boy, but she said that even if we wanted to know, our baby is not one that was cooperating!

11. Wedding rings on or off - On except at night when I often sweat and need them off.

12. Weekly wisdom - Stay stress free, cool and do what I can now!

13. Milestones? - Of course the pictures and the appointments this week. It's a relief to know that all is perfect!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

VBS update

What a wonderful day we had today. We had three of the five kids that asked to come to VBS show up at our house at 8:00 am today. I was nervous the kids would be shy and not get into it all. The whole way home Daniel, Allie and Manuel were talking over each other to tell me about their morning. Daniel (who is in 5th grade) who so excited to tell me all about the ABC's and how he learned that Jesus is the only way to heaven and just how easy it is to ask Him to live in his heart. Allie made a comment about all the "extra stuff" you have to do (she is coming from a Catholic background) and Daniel told her "that is the cool thing, I learned today you don't have to do the extras! Jesus is enough!! Isn't it so good to know that our Jesus is enough! To see kids get that excited the first time they ever go to VBS or any other church type of acitivty like these three, and to walk away with the message of Christ, touched my heart so much!! Thank you Lord for opportunities to serve and that You truly are enough!!!

(I have a sweet picture of the three kids getting into Brent's car this morning that we will post when Brent gets home from his trip with the camera!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

VBS Hump Day - Outrigger Island

Some pics from VBS ... well, once again - the dance movements get harder and harder every year - or I am getting older and older - nah! What a great theme this year - pretty cool to see the kids getting involved and most importantly hearing and seeing the love of Christ.

(to add to Brent's blog)

Brent has spent three years inviting neighborhood kids to anything at church. Finally this year two kids said they would come. Only one of the two kids have come this week. During my nap today... the door bell rang and there were four kids at the door asking if they could come to Bible School with us tomorrow!! PRAISE THE LORD! We are so excited. Enjoy the pictures of Brent's class. He also works with the special needs kids/adults. They are such a joy and remind us how simple the message of Christ and the act of Faith truly is!

Brent's class has this awesome swing in their class just for VBS!

A friend with one of our favorite people Mrs. Lisa

Chillin' in Worship
I love to hear this kid say to Brent "what's up dog?"
This is our neighbor with one of the youth worship leaders! Doesn't she look thrilled to be there...the reality is she is having a blast and talks about it on the way home everyday.
Jenna's 4th grade class

Friday, June 06, 2008

Last Post of the day (promise)

My friend Mary Lindsey used to do these fun surveys while she was pregnant with Harper. I thought since I have been so anxious about this baby, this maybe something fun to do and a fun way to report what is happening!

So here we go:

1. How far along? 13 weeks

2. Total weight gain - I am in denial on this and may not be able to share this part too often. I think it may be 4 lbs! I need to get out and walk a ton more (even in the 90 degree heat!!)

3. Maternity clothes - Not quite yet. There are a few things that don't fit anymore, but I am trying hard to hold off!

4. Stretch marks - A few on "the belly" (as Brent calls it). I have been using major lotion daily to stop them!!

5. Sleep - Still not doing well with this yet. I am doing a little better with my pillow, but still waking up a lot at night.

6. Best moment this week - had a few days free of illness.

7. Worst moment - Gagging all day long! It's the worse feeling of all.

8. Movement - None yet

9. Food Cravings - Still orange fanta and lots of fresh fruit

10. Gender - Still not going to find out! Brent and I both still feel like it's a boy. But either is good of course {or both as Brent hopes -twins!}

11. Wedding rings on or off - On except at night when I often sweat and need them off.

12. Weekly wisdom - Start now making a summer plan for getting the house in order

13. Milestones? - None yet!!

We have our first sonogram on the 16th. I am anxious and looking forward to it at the same time. Brent can't wait and wishes it was yesterday. Pictures of baby Spears to come!!

My husband

Many of you may already know this about my sweet Brent, but for those of you do not know him the way I do, he is, well, anal about being clean {Mr. Monk for sure}. He can't stand the fact that streets have oil stains in them. He can't stand trash, filth, dirty kitchens, dirty houses, or clutter! Dr. Cox our pastor has been challenging us to get out in our neighborhoods and share Christ with our neighbors! My husband accomplished both of his goals this evening. Several weeks ago he invited all of the kids in our neighborhood to come to a "clean up night/gather sticks for our winter fires (he's such a good dad already thinking of keeping the baby warm). Right on the dot at 6:00 pm tonight we had 11 kids show up in our front yard ready to clean. They divided into two teams, named their teams and then tried to see who could clean the most the quickest. The winning team (wink wink) got pizza, drinks, and ice pops for dinner. The kids had a blast. After dinner the kids went into the back yard and gathered a ton of sticks for us. We are set for winter and we have a much cleaner neighborhood, free of trash and litter!

This week is also VBS at our church. After three years of living here and asking the kids each year to come to church with us, we have two families that have agreed to come!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Join us in praying for these kids and their salvation. Brent will be teaching special needs VBS, as he does each year and I will be helping in a 4th grade class. We are excited to share more experiences from this week. We will have lots of fun videos to share! Especially from Brent's class.
Gathering the Troops

Determining a winner

Brent asking the kids to go wash their hands for dinner

Two pizzas and two Caprisun's later (well it was three pizza's - Brent, the Baby and I had one as well)

Our back yard and the kids getting sticks!

Our version of a garden!

We have tried on several occasions to grow a garden. We have a terrible yard for a garden. One side of our house gets minimal sun and water gathers and makes a big mud mess. Well that is when we get rain. We tried two years ago to grow lettuce on that side of the yard, and had little success...not a good sign when you tear into the lettuce and white liquid comes out! The other side of our house gets a little sun but has all of the crazy satellites for the TV, the air conditioner and a few other things, well you get the picture. Our back yard, if you can call it that, is really just a forest with a cemetery at the end of the path. So we are only able to plant things in containers or by the mailbox. This year we have attempted to grow green peppers, two mums and then a little flower garden. In the flower garden we put some wild flowers and then BLUE BONNETS in honor of all of our Texas family and friends! So here are a few pictures of our garden attempt. Nothing has bloomed yet, so we are still hoping we have a successful garden this year.
We jokingly call this big plant our marijuana plant because we have no idea what it is!!

We can't wait to see how this tuns out!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Okay all of you moms out there, I have this question! My mom very lovingly bought me a body pillow that I had been asking about forever (or since I got pregnant). I love the thing. The problem and where I need your help is how the heck do you sleep with this thing? I did what the instructions said. The lady makes it look like such an easy concept! It hurts to sleep on my stomach, but I end up there each morning. I never sleep on my back normally and can't even do that now. But I really want to accomplish the art of sleeping with the body pillow and not 1) knock out my husband each time I roll over, 2) learn the art of sleeping while not being taken over by the belly 3) not waking up with the pillow outside of the bed holding down my covers while I shiver to death!! I told Jen yesterday that before the baby, when I sleep alone while Brent is out of town, the bed looks as if no one has slept in it. Right now, it looks like two pit bulls had a fight all night long!

Suggestions anyone???? In the picture they make it look so comfortable! I do still use my own two pillows to sleep on and this "thing". Is there a way to make it all work?? HELP

Great weekend and Week 13

Let me first start by saying, we had one of the most refreshing weekends we have had in a long time! It was all because we spent the weekend with a 13 month old little boy and his wonderful parents! Our friends the Barts came to visit (it was a end of the school year "surprise to Jon by his awesome wife Jen) We always have wonderful visits with friends that come to stay, but there is just something to be said about some friends that are so like minded with us that can just come and sit and talk to us about the things we struggle with!! Jon is originally from Korea and we have recently come across an amazing store that sells INEXPENSIVE fresh veggies and fruits and all Korean food, since the area we live in has a high population of Koreans! So, Saturday we had such a treat by asking Jon to cook us a Korean dinner! It was wonderful. I think Brent loved it more than I did, only because food and I are not great friends still. Regardless, it was so good. We spent Saturday exploring the Zoo and stayed up each night playing cards! Jen and I thought we had the rotten end of the deal since we both are not spades savy. Actually we killed the boys both nights. I tell you what, don't mess with us. We will rock your world for sure!

Today we are excited to finally be at week 13. I am finally feeling better. In fact I told Brent the other day that I may want to take another test to see if I am still pregnant because I don't feel so bad anymore. Soon after I made that bold statement I was quickly reminded with heartburn that YEP still there!! We have our first sonogram on the 16th of this month. We are looking forward to the first baby picture for sure. We still on standing firm on not finding out the sex or giving out the names that we will choose for the baby. (when it takes 34 years for you to have a baby you take all of the fun surprises that you can get at this point!)

Jen Jordan we have not forgotten your challenge, just need more time to get it ready!! HEHE

Barts with us at the Zoo

I don't know how Brent didn't get in this picture with me

Wrigley was eating dinner at the same time Micah was eating. Micah was trying to say hello to Wrigley by barking at her! It was fun to see them both get along so well. (of course Wrigley finally got to the point that she just ignored him! Hope that continues as her pattern with babies!)