Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Avery doesn't sit still long. She is very very busy! In fact that is normally the comment anyone who babysits her or anyone from the nursery at church says about her..."man Avery is busy". AKA - active child who does not sit still! She is a handful for sure. She is really a sweet, obedient little girl, that listens to Brent and I very well. She is inot everything, but can be stopped often with the word NO. She is determined to get what she wants, but not at the cost of getting in trouble (too often). I think that determination is what got her here in the first place. I was able to catch her recently sitting still watching her favorite show with her daddy...Sportscenter - A daddy's dream come true.

Rare hug!!!!

 Dadda Dadda and lots of other things she is telling him we can't understand yet!

And now back to the busy Avery we all know and love!

AND FOR HER NEWEST TRICK...SHE IS STANDING!!  11 months old this past Monday and she is ready to take off on us. Life keeps getting more active each day for me. She is keeping us young.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Growing growing growing

Avery Grayce is growing so quickly I can hardly keep up! She is already talking and trying to walk and her little personality is larger than life. She keeps us laughing for sure. Here are a few pictures and video's of her recently.

Avery could watch Wrigley run in circles all day long!  She cracks up laughing at everything the dog does. It's great!