Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our title

Brent really wanted me to explain the whole reason for the title of this site! I had to laugh because although it is obvious, that I am from Maryland (and MA) and Brent is from Texas, neither of us would always say he is full of Southern Charm! More like Southern Chatter! Regardless, we are the north meets south. One of the first times Brent came to MD to meet my family, we went to DC on the Metro (the subway system). I told Brent the main rule was to not to talk with people while on the train. The first thing he does is start talking to whoever will listen! He is pretty funny that way! So here we are!!! North meets South!!

If Not For Grace

So I started my first full time job since grad school. I was sure the hardest part of this job would be the fact that I would have to get up early, stay late and work each day all day long! I was used to making my own appointments and when I needed a break, I could take one. Although this is hard, the hardest has been working with kids with the past that they have. Hearing the stories of kids and the situations they come from . This week has been the toughest. A girl from our church is in need of a foster home! No because she has done anything wrong, but because of the situations in her life and the choices of other people! At the same time, I am in this training class about training new foster parents. We learned today, in the state of GA, if you eat 4 Hall's cough drops and then were stopped by a police, you could get a DUI. Or parents who loose their jobs and then their home and have to move into a shelter and have their kids taken away because their bills are not paid!! I keep thinking, that God has a plan. A perfect plan. Although, I try to worry, stress, cry and figure out a plan to "fix" these kids, I remember He IS PERFECT!! Just the reminder that anyone one of us could quickly end up in a situation that we could have a tramua in our life, if it not for Grace!! I of course would like to believe I am above any of this, but again, am quickly reminded that in a matter of seconds I could love everything in my life. We recently saw a man in GA who served 20 years (or so) in prision for a crime he did not committ. But again, God is perfect and as long as I continue to serve Him daily, He is always in control of my life! I know this is heavy for a second post, but it has me pretty down and overwhelmed today for sure!

Monday, May 21, 2007

First Post and totally exhausted

This is our very first blog. Jen Jordan came up with the neat idea to stay in touch with several new friends this way. We love it. One thing is always consistent for Brent and I, we are always really really busy. This week is nothing new. Jenna is in another work training/work adventure. We are trying to recoup from a long trip to MD to see Kara, my sister graduate from school. Driving the 12 hours in our car with Wrigley, our 47 1/2 lb puppy reminds us that we need to work harder so we can pay off debt and buy a van. We love getting to spend time in MD. This trip was fast and packed. We both just love to travel more than anything. Brent had to miss one of his baseball games. He coaches along with two other men from our church. They won the game. We are both so proud of the boys. The boys are grades 3-5th grade. We have more games this weekend, and we both can't wait. It is exciting to see them grow on and off the field. We get so excited to watch the boys. We really pray and look forward to the day when possibly the Lord will bless us with children too.

So our random blog has begun. As days and weeks go on, we hope to be able to post some more interesting thoughts.