Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't mess with a Momma's boy!!!

Don't mess with a Momma's baby, or I will tell you what... I stopped by to see Carter on Monday (as I do many weeks on my way to work), only to discover the cross we had placed on the grave on his birthday was missing. But more than that... the vase and flowers were missing!! I was having a bad day already on Monday. My trainer at the gym had made major changes to my workout and I was in lots of pain. My head was hurting, I was hungry (always hungry) and tired and not wanting to talk to anyone else that day! I decided instead of saying something I would regret, I would call my hubby and tell him to call and take care of this issue. After calling he said that often there are vases stolen to use for the copper! That brought me no comfort, but more anger! So Wednesday I went over and kindly (I tried to be) asked them what happened and what they would be doing about it. We learned that there was an infant 6 months old that was buried next to Carter and to protect his vase, it was removed. They had just placed it on the wrong grave when they put everything back together. I was so frustrated that they could make such a mistake. I began to understand the idea of a mother protecting her child. I also had to learn more and more about God's grace. Yes the vase and flowers are important to me, but really people and relationship with people are even more important than that! Even the midst of a mother's wrath, God taught me about his gace!! Thank you Lord.