Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's appointment

Another day at the doctors with more good news.  This is such an up and down process that we never know what to expect.  The cardiologist said today that he was very impressed with Avery's heart and especially after reading our chart that he doesn't see the fluid around her heart (he assured us he was one of the best in the field and that he was sure of what he saw!  He was the funniest man.) He also assured us that she has a very strong heart.  His only concern was that she may have a small hole in between the chambers of the heart called VSD or Ventricular Septal Defect.  Because Avery tends to move a ton during her sonograms he was only able to see the hole half of the time and didn't see it the other half.  So he didn't feel confident that it was even a problem.  He asked us to come back again in 4 weeks when she has less wiggle room! LOL.  So besides being beat up with the ultrasound probe and that my husband and the nurse and doctor got to see the BEST pictures of Avery today and I didn't see anything (I had to lay on my left side away from the machine for the best view) they feel good about her heart and believe that she is in the clear.  If by chance she does have VSD he said that she would have open heart surgery between 6 months and a year of age.  He also assured us that the success rate with that surgery is 99%. 

We just continued to be amazed at all that happens each week on this journey! I know for sure God is not done writing Avery's story. In fact He has just begun.  And I am so proud to be her Mama!  How can I help it.  Both of my babies stories look like big storms and yet they are really just amazing testimonies for a great Savior! 

I know that we are not out of the woods yet.  In fact, we still have more hurdles to face.  But... for one whole week, we don't have a single doctor's appointment.  And for just one day, we have been given more hope for the future of our sweet girl.  It's been such a time of trial and emotion for us.  During the midst of this pregnancy, one of my sweetest friends here in GA who's children I am in LOVE with, because they wanted us to become pregnant as much as we did!!  So to find out that a few weeks before Avery is due, our friends the Walkers are moving to TN has been a heart break, but again, the Lord's plan for their lives.  I told my friend Julie tonight that I can't wait for Avery to be here already, but I know that means that she will have moved already!!  I know that sounds silly, but again not the exact plan I had for how this would go.  Glad to know 2 hrs is close enough for me to run up for a visit and that all 5 of her kids can't wait to have Avery visit "a lot!" 

I have been doing a bible study on Jonah talking about "Divine Interruptions."  I have to remind myself each week that it's not about me or my plans.  I know for a fact that good news today doesn't mean a guarantee tomorrow.  But then again no one has a planned tomorrow.  So for today we celebrate and wait to see what comes tomorrow.  We take the nice "week off from drs."  Our next visit is to the OB for a regular visit (as if I ever have that! and to the specialist the 31st for another anatomy scan.) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Since the last time I posted, we have been to the doctor weekly!  Each week comes with nerves and a lot of anxiety because we never know what to expect.  Just one week after our appointment when we were so excited to see the hydrops disappear, we found out that the hydrops are still there. In fact our specialist shared with us that hydrops means two or more areas on the body of the baby that has fluid. Just because one day there wasn't fluid evident in the heart doesn't mean it won't return the next day.  So what we saw as a miracle isn't what we had expected.  ALTHOUGH... we still have much hope for our sweet girl.  We are going to a cardiologist tomorrow to see her heart.  There is a concern with a cystic hydroma's that there can be a problem with the heart of the baby.  We are hopeful that Avery's will be the exception. 

Thanks for the continued prayers for us and Avery.  We know that God continues to work in the life of our family.  Of course this is never the path we would have chosen in order to have children, but we continued to be amazed at all the Lord is teaching us during this journey.  The lessons and picture of His love and grace continues to overwhelm us.  Each day is not easy and there have been plenty of moments when I especially am ready to throw in the towel.  Not giving up, but just moments when I just want to hide and really am tempted to ask why.  I think unless you walk through a journey like this, it's hard to understand the anxiousness that comes with it all.  I laugh each week when my blood pressure is taken and each new nurse says "oh my your blood pressure is so high!"  One week the doctor was ready to send me to the ER because she was sure I was ready to have a stroke.  I ask them to wait until the end of the appointment and try it again.  They are all so amazed at the BIG difference!  But they always understand it's a lot to take in and how nerves and the "white coat" can get me each time!

I will update more after our appointment tomorrow.