Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never know

My day to go see Carter is usually Tuesday. I don't get there all of the time, but if I am going to go, that would be the day. I have to drive past that area on Tuesday's on my way to work, so if I have time, I stop. Yesterday, I almost didn't stop. I was so tired and had a long long day. I needed to cook dinner, finish a bunch of stuff for work and wanted to get to bed EARLY. But... I stopped anyway. When I got there, I noticed a gentleman sitting on the other side of the "bible statue" that is on Carter's left side. I thought about not stopping again. Just felt strange to run into someone out there. It has never happened to us before. After getting out of the car, I went and played with the flowers on Carter's grave. I felt stupid all of a sudden for being there. The gentleman came over and said to me, "Are you visiting?" I said I was. He said he was there to see and sing to his twins. I knew him right away. Brent and I had visited that grave many times wondering what it would be like to be that family. He began to share his story and I began to share ours. Turns out that he and his wife lost their twins around 5 months as well. Her cervix was not able to stay closed in order to keep the babies inside. They deposited a little boy and a little girl into heaven. Micheal, who is the dad, shared with me about how that is the best place for his children... living with Jesus. Can you imagine what their life must be like??, he asked me! I told him... Pure worship. Turns out he and his wife Angel go to the "other big baptist church" in our area. We actually play sports against their teams a lot. It was a special meeting for sure. Micheal said his wife is not able to come see the twins. (They died in June of 2007) because it was too hard. But, he was going to ask her to meet me sometime on a Tuesday so that we could talk! Never know who God will bring into your life on any certain day. We never know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day without Carter

So I almost felt like it wasn’t Mother’s day for me. Although, of course it was special to be able to honor both Brent’s mom and my mom. To be able to reflect on all they have done for us made it a special day. Lately I have been concerned that the tears don’t flow as often and as much for me anymore. But my concern was taken away this morning during the service. I cried from the beginning to the end. It was a lot harder than I expected. But… as always, my sweet husband made my day incredible. I had been in need of a new computer, so he took me to buy a new computer and printer yesterday. Then this morning, he had flowers and a card on the table waiting for me. The most special thing was a beautiful bracelet with Carter’s name and birthstone on it. It was all I could to not look at it during church this morning. Then he took me to lunch at my favorite lunch spot! It was an awesome, yet very emotional day. Praying that next year we will have more to celebrate. I trust that the Lord will bless us this year with that news!!!

Even after the flowers, computer, printer, dinner, and lunch... This is my favorite and most treasured gift I got for Mother's Day. I look forward to adding others names to this representing other babies.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grow Grow Grow

I would not consider Brent or myself to have a green thumb. In fact most plants that we plant die or just don't do what the packet promises. But the Lord has had favor on us and given us a new hope! Here are the pictures from our garden just two weeks into our project. By the way.. we do have a seedling for all of our plants, but a few of them are harder to see on a camera so I just posted the largest ones.



Green Beans

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Please

If you have followed our blog at all you would have realized by now that we LOVE our dog! Wrigley does so many funny things that keep up in stitches. She gets her own ice from our ice maker. She sits by our crib and will cry because she wants to "sniff and nose" the bear that is in the crib. She loves to sit on Brent's lap no matter where he is. She loves to come and give you a big hug (paws around your neck or waist and will just squeeze!) Just to name a few. One of the things she started about a year ago was letting us know when she would like some more food. No matter where we are in the house (upstairs, downstairs, kitchen...) she will bring us her bowl and just stare at us and the bowl. She never barks just brings us her bowl. I saw her finishing her food today and ran upstairs to get the camera hoping she would bring me her bowl and I could get it on camera. I did! She is such a joy in our lives and we are so blessed (even she is a monster) that we have our little puppy (well maybe the little part isn't so true anymore!!)

As an update.... the garden is going awesome. I will post some pictures. We already have lots of seedlings that have grown in one week!!! So far so good.