Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here we are again. Our third sport in a row. Actually it is our 5th if you count basketball and baseball last year! No, we still have not had any kids yet, but we are back out coaching again and loving it. Brent is coaching 5 and 6 year old boys baseball. He was so excited when he saw the team names list come out at the beginning of the year. There in the middle of GA bulldogs, GA tech and all of the other SEC and ACC teams, his Big 12 team and Alma mater, Texas Tech was in the mix! You got it, we are the Texas Tech Red Raiders! Our friends Jen and AJ would be so proud of all the parents sporting our Raider Power shirts!! Today was opening day and the first time we were playing on the new fields at church. We did not win our game, but the kids had a total blast! The parents and coaches had a great time as well. One of our kids made a home run! The score of 9-14 did not reflect the heart of the kids that were playing! Enjoy our pics! GOOOO RED RAIDERS!!

The Bulldogs trying to figure out what just happened!

As head coach, Brent is also the pitcher!

Praying before the game

A good friend and assistant coach, Trevor and his daughter helping us out

All hands in, GOOOOO RED RAIDERS!!!!!

Are we crazy?

We painted again this weekend. You would think that we would have remembered it took us forever the last time we painted, but we both have short memories. We painted our hallway, chair rail in the dinning room and downstairs bathroom. It looks amazing! It was worth the effort for sure. We are so excited to have company coming next weekend and then later in the Spring, and wanted to make sure the house was looking good! The pictures below are of Brent painting. I promise I did help!! Someone has to take the pictures!

Before Paint

Frustrated Dog because she is blocked in our room!

Brent painting! (this wall is finished!)

Catch Up again!

Sometimes it takes us a while to update our blog. Sorry! I promise, there are days we do good if we see each other before crashing in bed at night! We will try to do better! So here are three posts with lots of good pictures today.

As many of you heard, last weekend the Atlanta area had some major tornadoes that killed at least two people, injured a whole bunch of others, did major damage to downtown Atlanta and sent us inside our closest a few times in order to take cover. Although the tornado went around us at least 3 different times last weekend, Saturday was a day to remember and a pretty scary experience. We did have some major hail (which is the picture below). The first month after we moved to GA in 2005, we had another, much smaller hail storm, that did major damage to our white car. We were blessed this time to have nothing more than a stressful, eventful day we won't forget for a while!

Hail Storm

Right before the Hail

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Old Guys

Winning 4th and 5th grade team!

Today, finally, was the end of the North Metro FBC Basketball season. The last official game of the day, was AWESOME!! Our friends, the Mahr's, kids played in the game and their dad coached. They were losing by one point and Tyler threw the ball from behind the half court and MADE IT!!! We cried, okay well their mom and I cried! It was soooo cool!!! After such a victory, the "old guys" got their turn on the court. The coaches played the refs, then another set of coaches played the high school boys and the winners of the games were going to play each other!! Brent's team lost at the buzzer by a point. BRENT PLAYED AWESOME!!! He of course did not think so, but I had taped a good portion of the game for our enjoyment. It was so much fun. Of course, we were so glad they lost, because, that ment we FINALLY got to go HOME!! After a basketball game at 9:30, baseball from 1-2:30, another basketball game at 3:30 and then this game at 6:30, us old folks are exhausted! It was a really fun way to end the season. Now it's off to baseball with the 5-6 year olds!! What a bunch of cuties they are. Pictures and info on them to come. Enjoy watching Brent play!!!

What a beautiful pass!!

Free Throw Brent

I have more video's, but I will spare my husband and the other coaches! Great job guys!!