Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy new parents

We realize that we are already really crazy parents. In fact, we are those people who believe our dog is our baby. We really wanted the chance to do something special as a family this holiday weekend. So we went to Charleston, SC. We actually met Jenna's family (mom, dad and sister). We had a great time. Of course, we took a lot less pictures than we should, but the ones we took were so much fun. We stayed on this incredible island, that cost a ton of money to live there. It was fun to dream for a minute. Wrigley loved the sand, but barked at the water because it scared her so much. The weather was perfect and the beautiful view from our villa was so wonderful. We both could not help but reflect on "last." This was our last Memorial day weekend with just Brent, Jenna and Wrigley. It was a lot of fun to talk about the future and how a year from now we will be taking care of a little boy or girl that is a special gift just for us.

I don't have a ton of great information to blog about right now. We have been hanging low for a Spears!! Although, work has kept us both busy. We are so looking forward to this weekend, as we are having very special friends come and spend the weekend with us! They have a little boy who just turned one and we can hardly wait to "practice." We officially made it to week 12! I can't believe the first trimester is almost over. I did tell Brent today, that this is tough waiting. I can hardly wait to open my gifts on Christmas, and that is just under the tree for a few weeks. How am I expected to wait 9 months for this gift??? The other crazy thing to us has been how many friends we have, that are also having babies right now!! We got a phone call this weekend about two more friends who are also pregnant. (they are all having baby number 2 or 3 though, but still, pregnancy is pregnancy!) I have to admit that it is a great comfort having so many others walking this with me!
Just as a way of keeping our word, we have accepted the challenge given by Jen Jordan to video the soldier dance. We will get to it, we promise!!

Enjoy our pictures from our vacation!

I love bottles

Bet you can't do this!!!

Piggly Wiggly House (the family owns the stores)

Check out this size of this. It stayed on this wall all day long. At night it fell to the ground and by morning was hanging again. Never seen anything like it before