Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer is almost here

As soon as I think I am about to commit to blog on a more regular basis, life happens. I seem to be running in so many directions some days that the last thing on my mind (really) at night is, oh I forgot to blog about this day.

I guess nothing really over exciting has come up for us in the past few weeks since my last entry. But again, those are always the days that I seem to walk away with the most. A lot of what God has been teaching us through these days of waiting and waiting and waiting, is patience and meaning what we say. Praying for other friends who have loss babies like we have and yet getting the wonderful news that they are now expecting. Having the honor of praying for them and with them and for them helps us with our walk with the Lord and also is encouraging to us that God has a plan for us and we feel like it will include more children.

I proclaimed on this mother's day that this would be the LAST mothers day I would be spend wtihout a child. Isn't so silly how we can make such BIG statements telling God what He needs to do?

Once again, my sweet husband made sure the day was special for me and that I would be reminded that I am a mother. (sometimes you feel a little silly and discouraged on those days when there's nothing to hold on to). Brent always treats me like a princess, and this year was no different.

We both feel like the Lord is preparing us for something and something sooner than later. No idea what that is, but it's just what we keep sensing. As summer approaches, my work often decreases (not sure why summer means less counseling needs)? We hope that we are able to use these days to continue to minister, love on others, and continue the preparation for whatever He has planned. I can tell you this.... I know that part of this plan must have to do with working out at the gym! Or at least I hope so! Brent and I have been working out for months now, and although we both feel better and see changes, the process of getting healthy is tough somedays. Especially days when I tell Brent... nothing will solve this issues, except for a reese's peanut butter cup. So far he has never given in to that temptation.