Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking today for what it is

Friday night we had some of our favorite kids spend the night with us before our big tubing trip!  As we were putting them all the bed we stopped to pray.  I asked the girls if they had anything special to pray about.  They both said that they would like to pray what they always pray for at night.  So I encouraged them both to pray and that Brent and I would close in prayer.  Both girls, as part of their routine, asked God to give "Brent and Jenna a baby!"  God continues to teach me so much through children. Even though this waiting process continues to be so hard, I am glad that I am able to stop and learn little life lessons along the way.

I feel like sometimes my life appears to be consumed with the fact that we are having trouble having kids. It makes me feel shallow some times.  I know that sounds crazy, but I often feel convicted on the fact that I am always seeking the future.  I don't want to live for the future, but for the present.  I want to treasure the moments that we have as we finish teaching our 2nd grade Sunday School class. I want to cherish the moments as I pray with a client who is struggling with their salvation or a heavy burden in their life.  I want to cherish the moments that I am on the treadmill with special girlfriends just talking about the healthy dinner choice we made last night or the fun evening with our family we had. I want to cherish what God has given me to do today.  I want to seek to learn more about the moment He has called me to in the right now.  I have said this before, how I can often get ahead of myself and wish my day away. God continues to show me that His grace is enough, for today.  So live in today and live it to the fullest!!