Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joy Through Tears

How about this for Joy Through Tears! We are having a BABY.... and the baby is due August 12th!! Carter's birthday is August 9th.

We have been so excited to share our good news but wanted to wait until after Christmas day so we could surprise our families. Since we are sharing Christmas with my parents at my house, we went ahead and sent Brent's family special gifts that included cards and personalized messages announcing that they are going to be grandparents!!! We also sent Brent's sister a special gift with a card telling her about the baby and were surprised ourselves. When she called to tell us congratulations, she told us that she had just gotten ENGAGED!!! WHAT A CHRISTMAS FOR THE SPEARS FAMILY!!!

As far as my family, we had a few plans that we had talked about in order to share with my parents our news. We wrapped up three picture frames. One for my dad, one for my sister and one for my mom. We had my dad open his first. It was a professional picture of our dog, Wrigley from our trip to the beach in a sweet frame that says best buddies. Then my sister open the same gift. This is something that we do in our family all of the time... we give several family members the same exact gift and then laugh as they are opening it and say "I wonder what it could be?" SO as my mom was saying "Oh I wonder what this could be... I am excited to see my picture of Wrigley... " Instead she opened a frame that says "I (picture of a heart) Nana - with a sonogram picture of the new baby! It was quiet for a few seconds for sure, as she didn't quite grasp what it was. Then she started to cry and everyone got excited and started to cheer. It was a great surprise!!

As far as the baby is going... everything is great. We are a little on the high risk side because of the past two years, so we are being extra careful. I have been taking hormone pills at night as well as an antibiotic to keep the infection under control that is present when I get pregnant. I have been to the doctor 4 times in the first 7 weeks. We have had our first sonogram and will go for the next one on Jan 12 (unless I feel the need to go before that day. They have given me permission to go with my mother's intuition and if I feel like ANYTHING is wrong or just need reassurance, then I can go get another look at the baby! What a treat that is).

We are so thrilled about this baby. We appreciate all of your prayers during this next few months for sure. It has been a long road and Brent and I both feel a peace about this pregnancy, but ultimately don't feel like we can really breathe and relax until we are holding our precious child in our arms!

Merry Christmas blog friends. I promise to be better and keep all up to date on all baby news from here on out!! Thanks for praying for sure. Keep it up for sure!