Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a difference a year makes, what a difference 4 years make

What a difference a year makes.  Today I woke up with a 1 year old in my house! It blows my mind and makes my heart a little sad how fast this year has gone. It's crazy for me to think a year ago we were waiting in the hospital with great anticipation of who Avery Grayce would be.  What would she look like, how would she act, what possible problems would we face and really would she make it through the delivery? I wasn't even sure I would get to actually hold my sweet girl I had prayed for a carried for the last 9 months.  Then to meet Lord exceeded all of my hopes and expectations greater than I could have even dreamed.

What a difference 4 years makes. Brent and I have been SO excited to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics this weekend. We have been so excited to stay glued to the TV to watch all of the events coming up. But we can't help to remember 4 years ago, during the opening ceremony was when I went into labor with Carter. Of course the Olympics didn't start until Aug, 4 years ago, and this time it is in July...but the feeling is still bittersweet. This time around we will have just put our sweet girl to bed and we find our place on the sofa in order to be in awe of the events that will unfold. It's amazing the storms we walked through, the trails we faced and how God had such an amazing plan using each detail to mold our hearts to be more of what He wanted us to be. It's amazing how still we see storms brewing and begin to have fear as our first response, and have to remind ourselves to plant our feet and remember the past. I still hate storms, but love the fruit that comes from all the rain! Especially today, as I celebrate the sweetest, most juiciest fruit I could have ever fathomed was possible! Avery Grayce, your free spirited, active, sweet, funny, hilarious, smart, extroverted personality is a miracle to us. Being a mom and dad are the hardest more challenging jobs we have ever had and yet I wouldn't change a thing! Happy birthday sweet girl! Looking forward to all that this next chapter brings.