Monday, February 08, 2010

History Made!

New Orleans will always have a special place in our hearts! It is the birth place of my dad (Jenna's dad)...the city we met some of our best friends...the place I (Jenna) first laid eyes on my best friend and husband...the place I had my first official date...the city we got the best education from the best seminary in the US...the city where we met some of the most Godly men and women and mentors...the city that may have looked ugly and dirty on the outside, but is full of some of the neatest people with the neatest stories...a city that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina...and now the city that represents the winners of the Superbowl 2010!! We love our Saints.

Brent and I had such an awesome day celebrating just the fact that the Saints were in the Superbowl. We made and ate some of our favorite foods from a city that is so special in our hearts! We had shrimp po-boys for lunch. Then crawfish corn soup and beignets for dinner (with a little bit of nachos as well. We had to have a little bit of superbowl food in there.) The fact that the Saints won... Lagniappe!!! (it means a little something extra! Another fun Cajun word!)

WE LOVE YOU NEW ORLEANS AND WE LOVE THE SAINTS!!! WHO DAT BABY... WHO DAT!!!!!!! History was made tonight for sure!!!