Thursday, January 24, 2008

Round 2

Look close and you and see the snowman our neighbors made!

To our surprise, last Saturday, we got more snow in Atlanta. It was a blast to see all of the kids making snowman and playing in the snow in our neighborhood. Of course, Wrigley again was not found of any of it. The snow cancelled the afternoon basketball games, so Brent got to come home early on Saturday. But, his game was not cancelled. He says the boys did great, but were just a few points shy of a win again this week. It hasn't helped that we have not had a practice in three weeks because of the rain and snow. Much to our surprise, the cold temps affected church on Sunday as well. Our Sunday School was cancelled and we only had a 11:00 service. That was nice, since I had been sick all week and still needed a few more days of rest. Church services were cancelled on Sunday night because of the cold temps and ice again. Can't believe this time last year the news was talking about how hot the winter was and there were blooms like Spring all over the place. This year there is snow on the ground. Crazy temps for sure.

We had a quiet celebration for Brent's 34th birthday on Monday. Of all things, he asked for mac and cheese for his birthday dinner. My crazy husband. His wish was my command. We had fun spending time alone. I think we even had pj's on by 7 that evening. You know your getting old and don't have kids when that happens.

There is an icicle on our car and Wrigley is scared to death of it! She keeps running up trying to sniff it but it gets her wet and moves!

Front Yard

Look close and you can see the big snow flakes. This was no flurry.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's cold in Hotlanta

Wrigley in the snow
Our front yard

She sits and watches the fire

I am forcing her out the door and she will not go

We can hardly believe that we are having a "real" winter this year. A close friend of ours gave us some wood so we could build some fires in our house. I think we both were thinking that we may not need a lot of fires here in the south, but this past week has proved different. The temperatures have been below freezing and we actually got snow last night. It is gone today, but it is predicted to snow again on Friday night into Saturday. The funniest part of the snow is watching Wrigley in the snow. She hates getting wet in the first place and really hates going into the yard after a rain storm. (her precious paws may get wet!) So we thought it would be funny to takes some pics of her experiencing real snow for the first time.

Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Why not to eat snow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Game Day

Well today's game did not go as well as last week. Ours kids put in a good effort, but we could not keep up with the two giants on the other team! We stayed encouraged and fought a good fight and will come out and try again next week.

Brent and I both are experiencing a great deal of "business" lately and there is more to come. It's amazing to me that just in the time when I think we don't have one more second to spare in a day, the Lord calls us to start something new to draw us to himself. We started going a bible study on every other Friday night. Last night was the first time, and it was such a sweet time to sit around, eating, fellowshipping and studying with friends. On a more intimate level, the ministry Brent's serves with, has started a forty day bible study called "40 days with the Master." Again, I thought at first, (just being real) something else to add to my life. But in reality, it is exactly what I am needing to make it through our lives right now. The Lord is allowing Brent and I both to be involved in a lot of ministry opportunities. New families and people are calling me each day asking to come to see me in my new counseling practice. Brent is teaching helping with a new class at church on Wednesday nights. All of this is on top of many others things that we have been doing already. It's funny to me when I look at my calender and see how much we have to do, it reminds me how much more I need HIM. What a relief it is when I take daily time with the Father, my calender looks less impossible and more exciting. (don't get me wrong, this is my heartbeat, but on the other hand, I am praying for a day that Brent and I can sleep in and do nothing!! That is one of the very slim and few blessings that comes from not having kids yet! Although, our dog still needs to go out early each morning! Oh well! I can't have it all)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Last post of the day

And finally, the next season of sports has begun! The Royal Knights, 2-3 grade basketball team, at church. Brent is coaching and Jenna is helping. (really I just sit on the bench during the games and do what I am told!!) We both are having a blast of course. We played our first game on Saturday and won 18-10!! It was such a great way to start the season. Last year we only had 7 players on our team, and this year we have 10! It's like having two teams all in one. It's great. A lot of work during the week at practice, but a ton of fun regardless. We will continue to have games each Saturday for the next 6 weeks (I think, I told you I just show up to the games when I am told!) Of course the greatest part is seeing the kids learn the game and get excited about applying what they are learning in the team devotions on the court!

The picture below is of the team before they took the court! Check out those ORANGE shirts!! Can't miss the coaches this year.

Paint Adventure

The after shot!

Wrigley was locked up in our room for 4 days. Finally she gets some free time!! (She sneaked down the stairs to lay in the sun)

Sleeping on the job

Brent painting trim

Setting up

All furniture in the dinning room

Brent and I have lived in our little house since 2005. We made the decision to stay in this house and try to commit to saving some extra money and then buy a house in 2 years. So with the permission of our landlord, we began the process of painting the inside of the house. We started with the toughest room, the living room. The ceilings are 16 1/2 feet tall and required some extra help in order to get the trim at the very top. We allowed ourselves two days to complete the whole project. A normal person would have accomplished that task in 2 days, but Spears time is normally doubled. After 4 LONG days, we finally finished the task. We are both proud and loving spending time in our new living room!

Playing catch up!

So I realized that I had written a post on the 8th and did not actually post the blog until after Thanksgiving, so some of the information was confusing. Here are some pictures and video from our time with Brent's dad. We really had a great time visiting with Don. It was his first visit to GA to see us since we have moved here. We hope to get to spend some more time with him either this spring or summer.